Dining Room and Entryway {home tour}

Last week, we shared the library of this charming Briargrove one-story. (If you missed it, click here.) 

Owners Elizabeth and Adam Wilhite brought our principal designer Cathy in this summer to add a few professional touches to their home. Elizabeth says her home felt "dark and heavy" before Cathy helped them pull everything together. Cathy carried a pop of color throughout the home. 

We're often asked if we're just a storefront or if we do design projects, too. This project is a great example that Cathy loves to work on projects of all size and spectrum. This project focused on just three rooms of the home: library/sitting room, dining room, and living. Let's look at the dining room and entry today. 

Elizabeth and Adam have quite the globe collection! Cathy placed three together on an antique tray for a unique, unexpected centerpiece.

The above photo gives you a glimpse from the dining into the entry way. Adam and Elizabeth already had the wallpaper in the entry. Elizabeth wanted to "lighten" the feel of the home and pull everything together, so Cathy suggested carrying one color throughout each room. They painted the front door blue (keep reading for photos!) And, Cathy suggested painting the brass, antique bar cart a bright blue. We think it looks fabulous: updated, modern, and bright - just what Elizabeth and Adam have in mind for their home! (The artwork pictured was done by Adam himself. How cool is that!?) They incorporated smaller globes on the bottom of the cart, too. 

In the entry, you can see that Cathy suggested painting the interior of the door, too. It brings that blue inside the home and into each room. And  Elizabeth painted the base of this antique lamp that she already had herself! Way to go, E!

blue door.JPG

Powerful Plates

These plates displayed around the piano were a wedding gift to the couple. They weren't quite sure how to incorporate them in to the decor, but Cathy loves to use plates and other unexpected objects for added interest. (The topiary came from our studio.)


Estate Sale Jackpot!


Elizabeth found this antique bench at a Braeswood estate sale. It has a plaque that notes it was a gift from the 1915 class at Radcliffe College and dates back to the 1600s. How cool! Elizabeth wonders how it made it's way from Radcliffe to Houston. We know this, though: it looks great in their dining room, and is perfect for additional seating when the couple entertains. The antique prints were found while Elizabeth was living in New York before she and Adam married. 

Inspiring Indigo

Earlier in the post we promised a pic of the front door, so...viola! We love the pop of color and sophistication it brings to this charming porch and entry. What do you think?

front door blue.JPG

If you've been contemplating an update to the exterior of your home but have been unsure what to do, changing the color of your front door is an easy place to start: it's quick, affordable and can make a huge difference in your home's curb appeal. (For the record, we love Benjamin Moore paint.)

Thanks for touring with us! 

Come back to see the living room soon! 

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