mint and maple brushlettering (by haley ottmann photography)

learn something new everyday!

My husband Tom used to say all the time "you can learn something new everyday!" We think that's part of why the Mint and Maple brush-lettering workshops have continued to sell out - people love learning new things! It has been such fun to host brush-lettering workshops at our studio in the Memorial area of Houston this summer. Read on to learn more! Much love, Cathy

more classes in october

Natalie Coulter of Mint and Maple Designs has held four workshops at Renovate this summer, and she'll be back in October. You can sign up at her website - and classes do sell out, so grab a friend and sign up quick! (Classes are Oct. 27 and 28th.) 

Natalie is a great teacher!

Natalie is a great teacher!

Cute Haley! 

Cute Haley! 

Haley Ottmann, Photog-Extraordinaire

This past week, photographer Haley Ottmann was kind enough to snap some professional pictures for us during one of Natalie's classes, so that you could see a bit more of what classes look like.  If you like Haley's style, you should know that she's based here in Houston and takes great family portraits, baby snaps, or could even shoot your wedding or special event! See more of her beautiful work on instagram, too, at @haleyottmann

Courtney Prochaska Favorites-0005.jpg
Courtney Prochaska Favorites-0010.jpg

Kristin Tauber of The Briar Rose provided fresh flowers for the workshop. Kristin is a Houston floral designer who creates beautiful arrangements for special events - or just because! Check her out on instagram, too. We love Insta! 

Courtney Prochaska Favorites-0016.jpg
Courtney Prochaska Favorites-0012.jpg
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After the two hour class, you get to keep all of your supplies, and have several notecards to take home as finished products. Don't these look great!? And look - this class isn't just for right-handed folks. Way to go, lefties! 

Courtney Prochaska Favorites-0015.jpg
Courtney Prochaska Favorites-0011.jpg

What a fun mother-daughter activity! Thanks, Laura and Alexis, for attending the class and being great friends of Renovate! You know we love a good mother-daughter outing! :) 

Thank you Natalie, Haley and Kristin for sharing your time and talents with us!

We love learning new things and getting the chance to be creative! And thank you, readers, for following along on our blog! Be sure to follow us on instagram if you don't already! 


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