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With back-to-school on the mind of so many of our clients, we gathered a few motivational quotes from some of our faves on pinterest. The start of a new school year always give us that "new years resolution" feeling - we always seem to want to be more organized, more purposeful, more "with-it." But with-it doesn't mean perfect...

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a few of our faves

Do you follow Whitney English, or Lara Casey, or Emily Ley? We learned about all three of them since starting Renovate in early 2014 and we just love these female entrepreneur go-getters! 

from Lara Casey's website

from Lara Casey's website

Lara Casey's website has tons of beautiful free downloads for your desktop or phone wallpaper. Click here to go to her site. 

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We've gathered more quotes over at our Pinterest page - if you're not following us, head on over and follow us now. What are you waiting for?! 

wise words from great men

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Happy Wednesday, friends! Love, Cathy & Courtney

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