bold bookcases

One of Cathy's latest projects is a new-construction home in Memorial. Today, we'll show you how she styled the large built-ins with old and new items.  

The open floor plan allows the family room to flow into the large kitchen, perfect for this family with four children who love to entertain.  The beams and high ceilings make quite a statement in this room, and we love the lanterns. 

This home was built by David Schwab of Schwab Design Builders.

Cathy had a "blast" as she likes to say styling these bookcases. She was able to incorporate pieces that Lisa and Darrell already owned, with a few new touches to pull the look together for the new home.

The bookcases are filled with antique books, and sentimental items such as the framed  prints. The blue vases and topiaries came from our studio, Renovate. 

The framed agates and antique transom both came from Memorial Antiques and Interiors. (MAI.) 

over the fireplace!

Here you can see how a professional hung the antique transom - hanging it and getting it level is an art in itself! We think it looks stunning as a focal point in the room. 

The architectural fragments hanging above each side of the bookcases were also sourced from our studio. Come by our storefront if you haven't already! 


Here, up close shots of the bookcases - Cathy hung a plate for varied interest. When it comes to bookshelves, you can think outside the box - or should we say, think outside the book! Bookshelves are not just for books. 

Cathy used baskets, framed artwork, dishes, and other items of interest to style these beautiful built-ins. 


Cathy suggested hanging this awesome piece of artwork on the side wall, instead of above the fireplace where it would be more "expected." This piece was from Lisa and Darrell's former home, and Renovate team-member Brigitte Howell faux painted the frame to match the painting to the look and feel of their new home. 

Thanks for touring with us!