Round Top "Round Up" {Insider's Guide to Spring 2015 Antiques Week}


Since Renovate officially launched one year ago, our most popular post to-date has been Cathy's guide to Round Top Shopping from last fall.

Well, if you know anything about Round Top, you know it's twice a year, so ... we're back with an updated guide for Spring 2015.

Keep reading for where to shop, what to take, and of course, where to eat!

March 25 - April 5

This year, Round Top runs right up until Easter weekend, so next week is sure to be busy. You can find a full calendar from the Chamber of Commerce here

Back-roads Guide

The ladies behind the Round Top Register have published a free 4-page guide that you can either download or pick up around the Roundtopolis, as they like to call it. It's an extensive list of vendors, including their hours and who has restrooms and who doesn't. These ladies know what we need to know! 

source: Round Top Register

source: Round Top Register

Where to Go

Cathy is often asked what her go-to stops are during Round Top. She says: I definitely have my favorites that I try to hit every year, but part of the fun is wandering around, not knowing what you'll discover or who you'll meet. 

Insider Tip: It's a great idea to go with a list of things you're looking for (ie, two side chairs, a coffee table) if you are on a mission. But, you can also just go with a sense of adventure and know what you like (or collect.) 

Cathy loves going to RT with friends and often isn't looking for anything specific. That's part of the adventure! 


You asked, we'll tell ya - here's a short list of Cathy's favorite destinations each year. 

source:  Country Living  

source: Country Living 

Blue Hills, March 21 - April 4

We love Blue Hills! Cathy will tell you they've got the cleanest restrooms in the whole area. And, their BBQ/snack shack benefits a local Methodist church. Cathy loves to grab a quick bite and diet dr. pepper here, while listening to the "Texas Trove," a musical group of teenaged boys playing gospel/blue grass music. You won't be able to stop yourself from singing along! 

Location:  off 237 between Round Top and Carmine. Free Parking

La Bahia, March 27 - April 4

La Bahia has multiple vendors and a wide range of items - you're almost sure to find at least one treasure here, according to Cathy. It's one of her top pics. Go explore! 

Location: off 290W at TX 237, Burton, Texas. Free parking. Website/Map

Warrenton, March 25 - April 5

source: Google images

source: Google images

source: Google images

source: Google images

The fields of Warrenton are packed full of all kinds - and if you've been before, you know we mean all kinds.  It's hard to narrow down specific spots, but we've always down well at Robinson Field (maybe we're partial to the name) where parking is $5. The Show Daily has an extensive list of the different fields - find it here. We always do well near Zapp Hall - the surrounding vendors have great light fixtures, furniture, etc. 

Location: On TX 237, about 4 miles from Round Top and 8 miles from La Grange. 

Marburger Farm, March 31 - April 4

source: Marburger Facebook page

source: Marburger Facebook page

Forty-three acres of tents and higher-end items, like true European antiques, make Marburger a "must" for many Houstonians. While you may not find a "steal" here, their 350 vendors have plenty of treasures for you to choose from. $10 admission is good for the whole week, or you can go early on Tuesday 3/31 for $25. Includes parking. Check out their website for more. 

Location: 2248 TX 237, Round Top. 

Drink Yer Water, Y'all

Last fall, Cathy overheard an EMS respond-er say that they had a record number of people passing out from the heat during the show. Hydrate, baby, hydrate! With that in mind, here's a quick packing list: 

  • Bottled water
  • Comfortable shoes (were those boots made for walkin? Then leave em at home!) 
  • Sunscreen, lip balm, and a hat - the sun can be bright in those fields! 
  • Cash and/or checkbook
  • Reusable tote bags 
  • Fully charged cell phone, car charger for repowering

 We recommend an SUV with space for larger items. Don't be afraid to ask vendors their "best price" but don't be surprised or offended if some won't negotiate. 

Time to Refuel! Where to Eat

Many vendors have food options on site, and we mentioned earlier we love Blue Hills' for lunch or a snack. But there's several restaurants in surrounding towns we definitely recommend. 

source: Yelp

source: Yelp

photo by Jessica Jones

photo by Jessica Jones

Royers in Round Top will be packed during the show - call for a reservation or brave the wait. If the weather's nice there's plenty of sitting-room on their front porch. It's famous! Put it on your bucket list if you haven't been at least once. 

Royers Pie Haven - The Royer's daughter opened a bakery on the square - YUM. Check their hours for antique week on their website. Finger-lickin' good sweet treats. 

Scotty and Friends - in Round Top at 109 Bauer-Rummel Road, great porch in nice weather, good sandwiches and burgers. 

Bistro 108 in La Grange - a longtime favorite for delicious lunch or dinner. Closed Mondays. 

Joe's Place on the sqaure in Fayatteville - we go here year-round when we're in New Ulm. 

Orsak's on the sqaure in Fayatteville is also tasty home-cookin. In December we had the grilled chicken sandwich and there wasn't a crub leftover. 

happy antiques week, y'all! 

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