sweet springtime in the south!

We're headed to Jackson, Mississippi this weekend to see our friend William Chenoweth and the Millsaps Majors play some good ol' American baseball. And yes, Cathy's favorite song to sing is June Carter and Johnny Cash's "I'm Going to Jackson." Nonstop. It's quite entertaining. 

So as we get ready for our spring weekend in the South, we're sharing some beautiful porches, gardens, and homes from Southern Living and Garden and Gun magazines. You can see even more by following us on Pinterest. Don't miss it, click here

Antebellum Garden Restored

Step inside this Charleston garden - here is the full story from Garden and Gun. 

This 1920s North Carolina home was fully restored and featured in Southern Living. 

Above, the Carnton Plantation in Tennessee, and varieties of boxwoods in an Atlanta private garden. Below, beautiful gardens we found on Pinterest. 

garden 2.jpg

Plantations, if you please

Plantation in Mississippi. Those columns! Wow! 

Plantation in Mississippi. Those columns! Wow! 

The Ford Plantation, Savannah, Georgia. 

The Ford Plantation, Savannah, Georgia. 

plantation 2.jpg

Both of these pictures are from the Oak Alley Plantation in Louisiana. We've never been, but oh baby, it's on our list now! Have you ever seen trees like that? Apparently there's a restaurant on the grounds and tours happen regularly. Thanks for the scoop, Pinterest! Here's the plantation website. 

sittin' pretty on the porch

This beautiful picture (above) is from Architectural Digest. You can click here to find the pin on our Pinterest page, then double-click the image and you'll go straight to the full article. Openwork rattan furniture once owned by tobacco heiress Doris Duke graces the porch of Jennifer and Dominic Moross’s Connecticut residence, which was renovated by Knight Architecture and decorated by Miles Redd. TheTimberlane shutters are painted in Benjamin Moore’s Essex Green, the curve-back chairs are by IKEA, and the blanc de chine garden stools are from Treillage.

Spring time in the South is wonderful for so many reasons - it's not blazing hot yet, the beautiful blooming flowers, iced tea, barefeet...the list goes on!

What's your favorite Southern destination for a quick weekend? Let us know in the comments- and if you have any must-see/must-do/must-eat recommendations for Jackson, definitely let us know! 

happy porch-sittin', y'all!

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