chandeliers {interior design inspiration}

We recently started watching HGTV's hit show "Fixer Upper" and we're kind of obsessed. Joanna and Chip Gaines live in Waco and seem like people we'd just love to hang out with. Their projects are stunning, and we love that they tailor their designs to fit specific clients' personality and taste. 

On this week's new episode, we noticed not one but TWO chandeliers that we have used in client homes. Woohoo, we thought to ourselves! Joanna has 319K followers on instagram, and is a Southern Living "must follow" blogger of 2015, so obviously people love her style. We must have a bit of style ourselves, right, if we picked out the same light fixtures as Joanna?! Hooray! 

And here's the good news for you, sweet readers: you can get both of these gorgeous pieces from our studio. Score!  

light 2.jpg

We love this large iron pendant light fixture!

Made from iron, it's versatile and could work in any room - a kitchen, dining room, or as seen on HGTV making quite a statement in a living area. 

This item ships to us very quickly (2-3 days!) so no need to worry if we have it in stock- we can get it for you in a moment's notice. 

If you're interested in one for your home, give us a call 713.269.4417

or send us an email- 


This chandelier is one of our favorites! 

In fact, Cathy has a larger, similar version in her current dining room. Though you can see there are a few minor differences from this one and the one featured on "Fixer Upper," they offer the same affect and similar style. We have one of these currently in stock, and again, these ship super quickly to our studio.  (within one week!) 

If this seems right for your home, give us a call or email us. 

Amazing Transformation!

Aren't these rooms that Joanna styled gorgeous? Maybe your home isn't a "fixer upper" but one room could use some updating. Why not start with a statement light fixture that sets the tone for the entire room?

You can read about the entire project and see more on Joanna's blog here. And set your DVR to watch Fixer Upper - you won't be sorry. Below is the before and after shot of the exterior... um, wow! 

ranch after.png
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