Orchid Oasis {a new favorite item!}

Orchids are everywhere, when it comes to home design. They're all over instagram, in design magazines, on our own coffee tables - they're everywhere! And why not - their blossoms are beautiful! 


To Be Real,

Or Not To Be


While we love the real thing, lately we're really digging a silk version that's sure to last for years. And years. In fact, in many of the photos we recently gathered off Pinterest, it's impossible to tell if they're the real deal or the faux version. This photo is from a client's house - real? Not real? We'll never tell. :)

We've Got You Covered

If you're thinking you need a faux orchid for your home, look no further. We currently carry a 23 inch "drop-in" orchid at our studio - click here for our location and hours. We have two baskets to put them in, and more on the way in the next two weeks. $75 each. A great gift for the birthday girl in your life, or Easter, Mother's Day, or just for you, just because. Pictured here in our studio, with a Page Gregory painting behind the orchids. Gorgeous!  Keep reading for more photos. 

Below, from Pinterest - orchids are the main focus in a beautiful vignette. And, orchids in a country-French home office. 

orchid french desk.jpg

Both of these bathrooms are different styles and size, but orchids work great in both spaces for added style, warmth, and dimension. 

orchids bath 2.jpg

What a glamorous entry! (Image from Pinterest. Find us on Pinterest here.) The orchids are a perfect centerpiece for this stunning room. 

Remember, some of these orchids are real, and some are faux. Could you tell the difference? Are you convinced yet that you need a silk orchid for your home? Come and see us! 

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