living room tour {local artist featured}

Welcome! Today we're featuring the living room of our clients Elizabeth and Adam Wilhite, who Cathy worked with this summer at their lovely Briargrove one-story. If you missed their dining room or library "tours", you can click these links: dining and library

The Wilhites wanted a "professional touch" to pull some of the main areas of their home together. Elizabeth explained that they wanted to lighten up their home - much of their furniture was dark and heavy. Cathy usually starts by recommending clients select a color that they will carry through out the home to tie things together - you can see they chose blue right from the front door! (We used Benjamin Moore "blue suede shoes.")

Painting your front door is an inexpensive way to instantly up your curb appeal and really change the feel of the home as you and guests walk through the door. We love the finished product, pictured here!

Bright & Beautiful

Elizabeth and Adam have filled their home with color, including their red sofa. Cathy suggested a large piece of original artwork to fill the space above. We love working with Houstonian Austin James (Lawrence & Crane) and we frequently commission custom pieces from him for our clients. (We also stock his artwork in various sizes at our studio.) Austin's style and use of vibrant colors make this the perfect statement in Elizabeth and Adam's family room. Here's another view of the room: 


Elizabeth has an antique Louis Vitton trunk, a treasured item that the couple was using as their coffee table. Cathy suggested moving it to be used as a side-table for now, and maybe later consider putting it at the foot of their bed in the master bedroom.

"Cathy really stretched me to move this trunk and get a new coffee table, and I'm so glad she did," Elizabeth says of the new arrangement. She also notes the tall, metal table looks wonderful but is also functional: "We don't worry about coasters, or the dog's tail knocking things off the table, since it's so high. We love it!" 

Fireplace Fix-Up


The fireplace seemed very dark and heavy until we slurred the brick with a cream color. You can see the fireplace from the entry way, and this helped lighten the entire home immediately. Cathy also suggested adding a plant to hide the wires of the cable and DVD boxes. We love family-run Tall Plants off I-10 near Blalock. Tell Dennis we sent you! And - did you know that this plant is working double-time? It's hiding wires, yes, but it also cleans the air and reduces toxins in the space - a win-win! 

Small Changes, Big Impact


Working with Adam and Elizabeth was a blast - Cathy has always had a love of one-story homes, objects and furniture that tells a story, and she loves projects of all sizes. And overall,  nothing about Cathy's recommendations for Elizabeth and Adam were crazy or overly costly.   

They are a great example that you don't have to have a giant budget or need to completely overhaul your home to work with an interior designer. The Wilhites already had a wonderful, stylish home when they called Cathy. But, with a bit of "tweaking" as Cathy likes to call it, they made some great changes that make the main areas of their home "pop."

thanks for touring with us!


We leave you with a shot of the bright breakfast room, which we had nothing to do with, but we love it! Elizabeth and Adam already had this amazing artwork, cute red table, and light fixture. 

Thanks for visiting our website and touring the Wilhite home with us! We love our clients, and our readers!