Farmhouse Photos {with Becki Griffin}

We recently had photographer/stylist wizard Becki Griffin out to Cathy's farm near New Ulm, Texas to shoot pictures of the renovations Cathy has completed in the last year. 

New Ulm is about an hour west of Houston and just 20 minutes from well known Round Top, Texas. Cathy and her family love spending time at the farm together and it's one of her favorite design projects to date. 

We'll tell you much more about the farm soon, but we couldn't wait to share these pics from Becki right away. Photos are by Becki Griffin of Curious Details unless otherwise noted. 

pic by c.prochaska

pic by c.prochaska

We can't really even remember how we "met" Becki - she's mentioned in Country Living Magazine on a regular basis, though we think we first found her on instagram, probably right around the time we started following her friend Holly Mathis.

Anyways, we've followed Becki for about two years and were oh-so-excited to have her out to the farm for a day. 

Cathy describes Becki as a kindred spirit and wonderfully fun new friend.

Y'all be sure to check out Becki's blog and instagram feed for inspiration. 

pic by c.prochaska

pic by c.prochaska

Above, Becki hard at work getting just the right angle in the living area. Cathy has had a great time selecting unique artwork and furnishings that come together to really tell a story. For example, she removed the traditional mantle above the fireplace and hung oversized baskets for an unexpected look. The baskets are from Jill Risley's The Lagniappe Shoppe, found in Houston at MAI and Village Antiques. 

Above, the living area of the main farmhouse. Below, Cathy added on to the backporch to create an additional living area. It's a wonderful place to be any time of the year in Texas - in winter snuggled under a quilt or summer with the fans turned up full blast. 

Dakota, a 16 year old palomino Cathy's had for just one year, makes herself right at home, even on the screened in porch! 

Below, the barn bathroom and the bunkroom in the cabin. 


The dining area in the main farmhouse. 

We love these farm pics and hope you do too! Thanks, Becki!

Leave us a comment and let us know what you think! 

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