refinishing furniture {renovation magic}

Out with the old, and in with the ...wait...we're keeping the old. Yes, today, we're bringing you some renovation magic. One of our renovate team members, Brigitte Howell recently refinished and completely transformed several furniture pieces for a client. (haven't heard of Brigitte? Read more here.) 

When we went by to see the final products placed in the client's home, we were blown away. And the coolest part, we think, is how Brigitte enabled the client to keep sentimental pieces in their home, even as they completely renovated and restyled the look of the entire second story. 


Take these nightstands. They belonged to the client's mother who passed away last year. She shared stories with us, memories of her mom's lipstick tucked in the top drawer, and she just couldn't bear to get rid of the nightstands - even though they were aged, with water rings visible on the top. Well, after Brigitte worked on them, water rings were gone and the nightstands were restored to beautiful! Water rings be gone! Don't you love this metallic finish? 






It's In The Details

Brigitte's attention to detail is exquisite. This darling crib was a dark wood and Brigitte transformed it to coordinate with the lighter look of this upstairs bedroom. 

Up-close look at Brigitte's finish. 

Up-close look at Brigitte's finish. 

And, the armoire below was painted to match the crib. Lovely! 

Finally, Brigitte painted this wardrobe for another bedroom in the home. We're digging the textured look she gave it. What a great piece to hide a TV and other items you want out of the way! 

Well done, Brigitte! We're so glad she's on our team! If you have furniture that could use a touch of her magic, you can contact us at 

Thanks for touring with us!