fall is near {decor ideas}

Fall is already here for some, and for Houston, it's ... near. We hope. In Houston, we wear scarves more for looks than necessity, burn pumpkin candles when it's still 80 degrees outside, and put pumpkins on our porches while wearing shorts and wiping away the sweat. In Houston, we wish for fall while we watch the changing leaves...on our friend's facebook and instagram feeds who live in different parts of the country.

Just because September is still summer here in H-town, does that stop us from decorating for fall? No! We deserve fall, too. So here's some inspiration for your decorating pleasure.  

Falling for Pumpkins


Are these punkins above real? Or artificial? If you can't tell, why should we?! 

Turns out, they're artificial. Which means they'll last for years without rotting or stinking. We stock all of these bad boys in our studio, so come on over. 

If you know renovate's designer, Cathy, you know she has a thing for antique goat carts. Throw some pumpkins in, and viola, a seasonal touch!

It's in the details!

Decorating for the seasons shouldn't break the bank or be overwhelming. Don't know where to start? Start small. Scatter some acorns (seen above) down your dining room table, or put a few decorative pieces on your porch, like this pumpkin stake seen above. 

These pumpkins are called "pretty mama" pumpkins. We love that name, don't you!? They're $27 each and we have a pile in the studio just waiting for a good home. One pictured above, several below. 

Happy Fall, Y'all! Come back soon, ya hear?

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