Let's Get Organized!

Back-to-school always makes us want to get organized - sharpen our pencils, clean out our desks, coordinate cute outfits! With the first day of school fast approaching for Houston schools, (or already here, for charter districts like KIPP) we thought it was time to get down and dirty with some organizing tips. 

Walmart? Really?

While flipping through Better Homes & Gardens, we flipped out over these cute storage options! But then we really flipped when we read that ALL of these items, even the antique looking metal bucket, came from Walmart. The Better Homes & Gardens line is quite impressive!


Power of Pinterest

Though scrolling through Pinterest can sometimes seem like a time-drain or counterproductive, this is NOT the case when it comes to organization. We think the best tips from the world wide web can be easily found on Pinterest. Renovate's board, called Organization Schmorganization, can be found here. (Most of the photos in this post are sourced from Pinterest, too.)

Desk Divas

Oh how we love to look at pictures of beautiful, inspiring work spaces! To organize your desk, empty your drawers and clear off the workspace - start from scratch. Throw away trash, giveaway unneeded items, recycle old papers, you get the gist. You can reorganize your drawers using ziploc baggies, dividers (we love finding them at the dollar store) and make your workspace work for you. 

desk 3.jpg
desk 2.jpg

Bathroom Clean-Up

We wish we had thought of this - it's genius! Use items normally found in the kitchen to organize your bathroom counters. Pictured here, things are functional, but oh so cute!

counter storage.jpg

Baskets, baby!

Toys! Toys! Everywhere, the toys! We think that might be why God invented baskets - easy to put them away, keep your house clean and clutter-free, but also practical for easy access to keep having fun with your kiddos. 

Thanks for the help!

We must thank Erica and Lora of Craftivity Designs - their 8-week home organizing series on is brilliant! And, the EveryGirl never, ever disappoints with beautiful home tours and tips on a regular basis. 

Happy Cleaning!

If you have a great organization tip you'd like to share, leave it in the comments below. You never know, we might mention you in a future post! 

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