Rice Military Marvelous {dining and living areas}

We're back at this beautiful town-house in the Rice Military area of Houston, getting up close and personal with the dining and living areas, and the powder room. Cathy and the clients chose to incorporate teal as the accent color that is found in each room of the house. This makes transitioning from room to room seamless and pulls things together. 

Let's check out a before pic, taken before our clients moved in. 




The contrast of the before & after photos really shows you what a bold light fixture and the right artwork can do for a space. Wow! This is an Italian-style chandelier, over the dining furniture the clients brought from their previous residence. We reupholstered the seat cushions, and used the same fabric in the kitchen, behind the glass in several cabinets. This brings the teal into the room and updates their existing furniture without breaking the bank. 

The large architectural pieces hanging as a set of six really sets the tone as you walk from the entry way into the home - stylish, without being too formal; traditional, but not quite expected. We want to sit down for dinner with this as our backdrop!


Living Room

Isn't this a great spot for entertaining? We love the ample seating and open floorplan this town-home offers. The artwork, side chairs, and throw pillows from our studio all work together to add that pop of teal to the room. We'll add large lamps to the red tables soon. The red tables were designed by Cathy and custom-crafted for the client. (More available in various paint colors through our studio.)

Above, an upclose view of the teal chairs and the beautiful mantle. The boxwood topiary, throw pillow, and antique books came from renovate. This space looks complete with just a few simple accessories. 


Below, the bar area and an up-close shot of the chandelier. Again, this house has great space for entertaining! We just love it. 

Powder Room Pizzazz

The powder room cabinets were painted by Brigitte Howell, a shade of... you guessed it, teal! The small space makes quite a statement, and we love that Cathy hung three mirrors instead of one large, for another dose of the unexpected. And, our clients gave the Kellie Morley artwork, "A Night In Paris" two thumbs up. (Kellie and the clients are Aggies, so it was meant to be.) Kellie's work really shows off the height of these ceilings, don't you think? We love how she used gold leaf in these pieces. Kellie Morley is the renovate featured artist for July and August - stop by the studio and check out her other pieces! 

Phoebe says, thank you for visiting her incredible home, and come back soon for more! Woof!

Thanks for touring with us!

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