when life hands you lemons {azulina photo shoot}

When Life Hands You Lemons, Accessorize Them

We just can't stop staring at these pictures! When Azulina Ceramics requested to use our designer Cathy's home for a photo shoot, we were thrilled. It's been a delight to look at these pics and get lost in the colors. Azulina chose Jay Marroquin to photograph their beautiful pieces, and all the photos you see here are owned by him. Jay is an award-winning American photographer, who specializes in fashion and has been featured in publications such as Elle and Vogue. Um, yeah, he's big-time. But, Jay is not the least bit pretentious, and we loved getting to visit with him the day of this shoot. 


Seen below left, the everyday bowl in multiple patterns, as well as the large pitcher stacked inside a large serving bowl. Pictured below right, the Rojo pattern in our designer's kitchen. Azulina is perfect for open shelving.

Getcha Some!

Do you love what you see? Visit Azulina's website - and check them out on Instagram. Then, contact us - we're currently their only retailer in Houston, though they have retailers in over 15 states. We can order for you and they ship speedily - usually within 2-3 business days!

Azulina supports Columbian female artisans, and they are a small business team like us here at renovate. We love the Azulina girls - Melissa Moriarty, a Houstonian now living full-time in Columbia, and Whitney Russell, who recently returned to Houston with her husband and son after living in Bogata for a while. 

That bright green dried hydrangena pictured above? We're kind of obsessed. Yes, it's dried, but it looks so fresh! Don't worry, we ordered a bunch and they should be arriving at the studio any day now. 

This kitchen, recently remodeled by Cathy and her team, features a gorgeous custom-constructed ventahood, faux finished by none other than, drumroll please....you guessed it... the mui talented Brigitte Howell. 

See, we told you we could get lost in these photos for hours. That's all for now. Thanks to Jay Marroquin and Azulina Ceramics for these terrific shots! 

Thanks for joining us! Now let's go grab some lemonade...