designer discovery {thanks, holly mathis!}

One of the best parts of opening renovate has been getting to know fellow Houstonians, small business owners, and of course, interior designers. What fun to learn people's stories and passions! 

We met Holly Mathis through Instagram. Yes, it's true! She saw our studio when LS Slipcovers posted about us (they did several slipcovers for us back in March, gorgeous.) Holly clicked on our insta profile, found our location, and came to visit. We cyber-stalked her and devoured her website when we discovered. Such beautiful projects! Here is her website

Anyways, long story short, Holly featured us on her blog this week, and several of her fanatic followers have already come in the studio this morning. (Holly has a measly 9650+ instagram followers. She's a popular lady!) 

Holly, we've loved meeting you, following you on your renovation journey, and we can't wait to see the final farmhouse product. And, if we do say ourselves, your front porch looks fabulous! (Planters and boxwood topiary balls purchased at renovate, pictured below.) 

The Mathis' front porch at the home they're renovating. 

The Mathis' front porch at the home they're renovating. 

Have a great day!