small business spotlight {manready mercantile}

This is the first of a new series, "small business spotlight," where we will highlight the works of small businesses and the people behind them. It's one of our favorite things since we've opened the studio - meeting cool folks and learning their stories. 

First up is Houston-based Manready Mercantile, co-owned by Travis Weaver and Christian Watson. Their candles, hand-poured into reusable whiskey glasses, have been a popular top-seller since we opened renovate at the end of March. We learned about them when one of our staffers, Courtney, visited a small shop in the Heights that was carrying their products, and she knew their candles were a must-have for renovate. 

Apartment to Store-Front Success

When Courtney first went to pick up a candle order from Travis Weaver, of Manready, she found herself pulling up to an apartment complex near downtown, Houston. Travis explained that they had started out using the apartment as business headquarters, but business had boomed in their first year, and they were soon moving to a spot on 19th street in the Heights. Their website has driven a lot of their sales, as well as word of mouth, and Manready products are now carried by 70 retailers nationwide, including Whole Foods. 

Travis and his company are very personable, and their motto is catchy yet simple - "work hard, live well." 

Co-owner Travis and his dog, Delilah. 

Co-owner Travis and his dog, Delilah. 

We absolutely love their candles, and so do our clients - it didn't take long for us to sell out of our first order. However, Manready's recently-opened shop in the Heights carries way more than home goods - vintage men's clothing, additional home good items, and great men's products like their "Tub Soak" and "Throne Spray." When you walk in the store, you likely will think you've never been anywhere quite like it. Check them out at 321 W. 19th Street, Suite B. (Not far from another renovate favorite Jubilee.) You can also find their website and many more products here. 

Thanks for shoppin' local in the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave!