it feels like Christmas! studio update.

Here at the studio it feels like Christmas, with fun goodies arriving daily! 

We mentioned last week that our studio will be more than a store - it'll be a place to renovate the way you think of interior design, and give you the tools to do so, either on your own or with our help. So let's take a look at what is in stock...

Pillows, pillows everywhere!


Marshes, Fields, and Hills! That's the name of this darling pillow company we're carrying...They're from Massachusetts and we're pretty pumped to have all these custom Texas locations - and favorite vacation spots of us Texans - in our studio. 

Azulina Ceramics

We discovered Azulina Ceramics through Whitney Russell in February, and we can't stop staring! Azulina imports hand-painted ceramic dinnerware and servingware from Colombia, South America. Their pottery is hand-painted free-hand by women artisans. All pieces are very functional, as everything is microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe. Gorgeous and practical?! We love that! 

Renovate is the only Houston retailer currently carrying Azulina, though they're in twenty-five other locations across the US. 

Stackable mini-serving bowls in various patterns. 

Stackable mini-serving bowls in various patterns. 

Table setting in Carmen pattern. 

Table setting in Carmen pattern. 

Inspiring Books

Who doesn't love a good coffee table book or uplifting gift for a friend? We're stocking some of our favorites to share. 

We open next Tuesday, March 25!

We're still placing finishing touches on the studio, but we open next week! Our hours are Tuesday-Friday, 10-4 pm; open Thursdays until 7 pm, and by appointment.