Q&A with our designer

Get To Know Cathy (and steal some of her secrets)

Tell us why you're opening a studio. 

It’s a lifelong aspiration to have my own studio. The chance to work with my daughter, Courtney and my lifelong friend, Brigitte, makes it even more special. We'll open March 25, so it gets closer to reality everyday! 





Tell us a piece of advice you'd give any DIY designers. 

No matter what the height of your window is, always place your drapes at the very top of the walls. This adds height to any room. If you hang the drapes directly above the window frame, instead of at the top of the wall, it visually shortens the room and makes your space feel smaller.

For the space between the top of the window and top of the walls, you can hang a decorative item such as a plate or architectural fragment. 

drapes 2.jpg
Images from Pinterest inspiration. 

Images from Pinterest inspiration. 

What vacation spot are you dreaming about right now?

Charleston and Sullivan’s Island.

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What’s a luxury you can’t live without?

Manicures. They’re so relaxing! My favorite color lately is Mimosa Mr & Mrs by OPI. 






Who is someone that inspires you and why?

Amitha Verma of Village Antiques is awesome! She has set goals, made them public, and surpassed those goals. She is a go-getter, and very talented. 


What’s a go-to Houston favorite for you?

Memorial Antiques & Interiors. They have such a broad selection! Rarely do I leave MAI empty handed. I know I’ll always come out with a new treasure for either myself or a client. Kay Gilbreath’s books are always a favorite.


Name something you want to change in your own home. 

My master bathroom is in need of an update & overhaul! It is next on the list. 

What's an interior design item you cannot live without? 

Unusual light fixtures. Almost every room in a home should boast an unusual light fixture. Whether it’s a well-done replica or the real mccoy, light fixtures add personality to a room, and it’s well worth the expense. I am so glad that recessed spotlights are being used less and less in today’s homes. Chandeliers, lanterns, pendants... unusual light fixtures provide so much more warmth! 

From our farmhouse feature.  Click for   more  . 

From our farmhouse feature. Click for more

via pinterest. 

via pinterest. 

via pinterest. 

via pinterest. 

via pinterest. 

via pinterest. 

As Cathy's precious grandfather often said, 

Merci Beacoup!