bedroom bliss {renovation house}

Let's take a close-up look at the two additional bedrooms in the renovation house. 

Both bedrooms' closets were enlarged during the renovation. The hardwood floors are original from when the home was built in 1956, but were refinished from a yellow pine to an antiqued wood finish. Both rooms have great windows and allow for lots of natural light. 

This oversized bedroom was staged with two twin beds from High Fashion Home in Houston. The linens are from various sources for an eclectic, unique feel. 

This side table is a wicker antique, matched with inexpensive lucite lamps for a varied feel. The painting is by Houston artist Genie Thompson. You can find more of her work at We added yellow kalanchoe plants throughout the home for our recent open house. 


Simple white plates were hung on the wall for added dimension and style. 

This front bedroom has an iron bed, neutral linens with a pop of orange, a skirted bedside table, a vintage painted side table. The lamps are architectural fragment bases with linen shades. The small chandelier packs a big punch of style. The artwork is also by Genie Thompson. We love this room bear-y much!!

Check out these floor to ceiling windows. Our designer recommends hanging drapes from the highest point on the wall, not just the top of the window frame, to showcase windows and elongate your walls. 

Thanks for touring with us!

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