more master suite

It's hard to pick a favorite room in the renovation house, but the master suite just might be our favorite. Here's a shot of the before. You can see the sliding doors that conceal the small closet, which was relocated to enlarge the bath area. Lots of changes took this room from 1956 to 2014...let's check it out. 

The chandelier pictured here is actually the original dining room chandelier that our designer, Cathy, relocated to re-purpose. We love this headboard with burlap backing for added architectural depth. The matching nightstands show how deep the room is, and the matching signed antique French lamps add a touch of old-world glamour. 

A look at the new master closet area. A small 4th bedroom/office space was redesigned to enlarge the hall closet (not pictured) for laundry area, as well as this 8x12 large master walk-in closet. 

Close-up of the headboard and linens. 

Antique lamps and nightstand. 

Antique wardrobe. 

The master suite has it's own entry/exit to the backyard and patio. 

Thanks for touring with us!

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