bedroom bliss {at the farm}

Our designer loves to mix different colors and patterns to create a comfy, stylish bed. At the farm she mixed items from various sources such as Kuhl Linscomb in Houston and and Marshall's HomeGoods. Today we look closely at one of the guest rooms in this charming three bedroom farmhouse. 

In the first room, we incorporated the orange and blue color scheme, though used more muted shades.  The shams on the bed from Kuhl Linscomb by Pine Cone Hill set the tone for the entire room. Above the bed hangs a tin wine hob container, filled with silk hydrangeas, that make quite a statement. Our designer, Cathy, added vintage plates above them to take full advantage of the tall ceilings. 

Cathy had an orange burlap bedskirt made for the king sized bed and paired crewel rugs from Anthropologie to complement the blue ticking strip duvet. 

For nightstands, she used carved white tables and matching antique copper lamps, and various antique accessories. 

Cathy designed a custom window shade to complement the room colors. We can't get enough of the view of the pond, live oaks, and Texas countryside. 


The room also has artwork from famed folk artist Clementine Hunter, which the designer purchased on a mother daughter trip to Natchitoches, Louisiana, home of Steel Magnolias. An inexpensive art piece from Grandin Road hangs above a long antique bench and a barbed wire bicycle Cathy purchased by a local artist in Crested Butte, Colorado. The bench is a great place for suitcases, riding boots, and other items to be stashed out of the way. We love all the elements that make this bedroom both stylish and functional. 


 The bathroom between the two bedrooms has an orange velvet window shade, also custom, and a denim bathroom shower curtain. The mirror is has a unique driftwood frame. 


Thank you for touring with us!