Round Top Insider's Guide {Spring 2017 Texas Antiques Week}


Cathy says it's Round Top Time!

Cathy says it's Round Top Time!


*This is not a sponsored post. Purely Cathy's opinion, just for you, no strings attached. 

Happy antiquing, y'all! And don't forget to visit us in Houston - stop by our storefront in the Memorial area. We're just outside the loop off I-10 near Chimney Rock. Hope to see you soon! (click here for directions.)


The Pie Queen's map is on a t-shirt - get yours at the Pie Haven!

The Pie Queen's map is on a t-shirt - get yours at the Pie Haven!

Spring 2017 dates are March 18 through April 2, with most vendors opening by Friday, March 24. The Chamber of Commerce has a full calendar hereKatie and Lorie over at the Round Top Register have a great driving guide - pick up a hard copy at our studio before you go! You can click here to download the map.  And, click here to see Cathy's interview in the fall issue of the RT Register! Their team just released the inaugural issue of the Round Top Life and Style magazine - it is full of great stories and shopping info - get your subscription here. 


It's nearly impossible to see everything when you're in the Roundtopolis. When asked where to start, Cathy says: I definitely have my favorite spots that I try to hit every year, but part of the fun is wandering around, not knowing what you'll discover or who you'll meet. 


Cathy loves spending time in RT with friends and often isn't looking for anything specific. That's part of the adventure! 


You asked, we'll tell ya - here's a short list of Cathy's favorite destinations each year. 


"The Grove" photo via The Compound

"The Grove" photo via The Compound

photo by c. prochaska

photo by c. prochaska

We love the Compound so much that Cathy married her high school sweetheart there on December 3, 2016! Owner Mark Massey and show manager Kathy Johnston continue to outdo themselves. We have numerous favorite vendors here, including Old World Antieks, Nomad's Loom, and ReWorks. We use finds from The Compound throughout the year at clients' homes. Definitely plan to spend a chunk of time strolling through the numerous shops here, and enjoy their food truck/picnic area. See our "events" section below for more info about their special dining event with State Fare. Full opening is March 24 with mimosas and kolaches, early show starts March 18. 

Also new to the Compound this spring - The Country Cottage Idea House.  

Work In Progress - photo via The Compound

Work In Progress - photo via The Compound

Mark Massey has relocated a dilapidated vintage farmhouse to the Compound, and Houston designer Julie Dodson has been hard at work with her team. Julie's vision was to transform the little cottage into a "picture perfect country house" from top to bottom. You can tour the idea house for $10 starting March 24, and all entrance fees benefit the Gardenia E. Janssen Animal Shleter - Julie's goal is to raise $10,000 for local animal shelters - so y'all come on!   

Located off 237 just past Marburger Farm if coming from RT. 


Arbors is a "must-stop" on our Round Top itinerary. They have a wide variety of items, from true antiques and fine rugs to artwork and jewelry and even fashionable dresses - it would be easy to spend your whole day browsing here. One of our featured artists and fellow Houstonian Page Gregory Matthews will be returning this spring,  as well as Mela and Roam  from Houston and Natalie Grace Home from Tennessee (located in Tent B.) We met Tommy Robinson (no relation), the artist of Natalie Grace last year. Cathy purchased a 3x5 art piece for her farmhouse that "really melts my butter!" she says. Tell 'em that Renovate sent ya!

Mela & Roam's booth, photo by c.prochaska

Mela & Roam's booth, photo by c.prochaska

Cathy purchasing rugs at the Arbors

Cathy purchasing rugs at the Arbors

Arbors also has food trucks and a martini bar, and they were the first spot to have air-conditioned tents. Alleluia! We also recommend Fuel Bombs for fresh smoothies (and their phone charging station!) The building in the back has some scrumptious breakfast tacos and clean potties. Also, free parking! 


One of Round Top's Royalty has a milestone birthday this year - Miss Marburger herself turns 20! Opening day is 3/28 at 8 am til 7 pm. Forty-three acres of tents and higher-end items, like true European antiques, make Marburger a "must" for many Houstonians. The 350 vendors in the Marburger tents have plenty of treasures for you to choose from. $10 admission is good for the whole week, or you can go early on Tuesday 3/28 for $25. Includes parking. Check out their website for more. 

photo via Marie Flanigan

photo via Marie Flanigan

photo by c. prochaska

photo by c. prochaska

Last fall, we witnessed a buyer from Gallery Furniture buy an entire display from a Marburger dealer, which later made it's debut at a GF store in Houston! Talk about display talent - the vignettes at Marburger are incredible. We have to give a shout out to The Brown Shed - great finds and prices! We also saw a team from Joanna Gaines' Magnolia Market making numerous purchases on opening day - plenty of Marburger finds show up on their hit HGTV show. How cool!

For anyone who shares our love of plants, The Garden Co. is a must-see. They're based in Schulenberg during the year and we can't wait for them to open a permanent spot in RT soon. 

Location: 2248 TX 237, Round Top (past Junk Gypsy from RT.) 



The fields of Warrenton are packed full of all kinds - and if you've been before, you know we mean all kinds.  It's hard to narrow down specific spots  - bring your walking shoes and wander. We've always down well at Robinson Field (maybe we're partial to the name) where parking is $5. The Show Daily has an extensive list of the different fields - find it here. We always hit the area near Zapp Hall - the surrounding vendors have great light fixtures, furniture, etc. 

Location: On TX 237, about 4 miles from Round Top and 8 miles from La Grange. 


via blue hills

via blue hills

We love Blue Hills! Cathy will tell you they've got the cleanest restrooms in the whole area. And, their BBQ/snack shack benefits the La Grange United Methodist church. Cathy loves to grab a quick bite and diet dr. pepper here, while listening to the "Texas Trove," a musical group of teenage boys playing gospel/blue grass music.

We especially love HH Walker & Co. in one of the very first buildings on the right side as you pull in to Blue Hills. Holt and Ed have incredible lighting, art, and furniture. 

Location:  off 237 between Round Top and Carmine. Free Parking

photo via zapp 

photo via zapp 


In Warrenton, we always hit the field area surrounding Zapp Hall. Grab a fresh lemonade and mosey! Don't miss the incredible light fixtures from J. Tedder Design, located directly across from the Hall. Cathy has placed numerous of his fixtures in clients' homes, including two at her daughter Courtney's house. Also look for Tony McCray of "Rust in Peace" - Cathy loves Tony and we consistently find great pieces there. 



Also not to be missed: We must mention Junk Gypsy - these sisters have a permanent building with free parking - and serious celebrity status, with 208k followers on instagram.  Leftovers has a store year-round in Brenham and will also be at Marburger. Check out Flown the Coop in Burton, and Bybee Square. Our buddy Holly Mathis will have a pop-up shop located next to Royers Pie Haven at Henkel Square. If you don't follow Holly on instagram, you're missing out.

Last year we loaded up our car with purchases at The Porch. Look for a permanent building that faces 237 just past the square towards 290 - really great vignettes packed in the small space.  La Bahia has multiple vendors and a wide range of items - you're almost sure to find at least one treasure here, according to Cathy. We love the Howdy tees at Townsend Provisions and Nutmegs on Henkel Circle has darling kids clothes. Old Glory Antiques will be back for the fall 2017 - under construction currently. 


It's Texas, y'all, it's gonna be hot! Be sure to hydrate, ladies! We hear stories of people fainting every single year! With that in mind, here's a quick packing list: 

  • Bottled water
  • Comfortable shoes (were those boots made for walkin? No? Then leave 'em at home, sister!) 
  • Sunscreen, chap-stick, and a hat - the sun can be bright in those fields! 
  • Cash and/or checkbook (vendors prefer over credit cards)
  • Reusable tote bags 
  • Fully charged cell phone, car charger for re-powering

 We recommend an SUV with space for larger items. Don't be afraid to ask vendors their "best price" but don't be surprised or offended if some won't negotiate. Also, know that you're in the country, and cell service will be spotty. 

Los Patrones, photo via Texas Monthly

Los Patrones, photo via Texas Monthly


All that shopping can make a girl hungry - or hangry! Many vendors have food options on site, and there's lots of restaurants in surrounding towns we highly recommend. Y'all be sure to tell 'em Cathy sent ya!

photo via royers pie haven

photo via royers pie haven

photo via royers

photo via royers

  • Royers in Round Top will be packed during the show - call for a reservation or brave the wait. If the weather's nice there's plenty of sitting-room on their front porch. It's famous! Put it on your bucket list if you haven't been at least once. 
  • Royers Pie Haven - In our opinion, you just can't come to Round Top without at least one slice of Pie Haven's heavenly creations! Check their hours for antique week on their website. Finger-lickin' good sweet treats, they also have whole pies to take home, smoothies and great iced/hot coffee drinks from Two Sparrows Roasting Company. 
  • Teague's Tavern is a permanent newcomer to Round Top and they'll have live music every day during the show! Emmy winner Don Teague and his wife decided to move full-time to the Roundtopolis and their food and cocktails are sure to please everyone in your group. 
  • Farmhouse Round Top Cafe - look for the food truck at the triangle on Hwy 237. The BEST fried pies, not to be missed. They melt in your mouth! Burgers are great, too. Count yer calories another day. 
  • Bistro 108 in La Grange - a longtime favorite for delicious lunch or dinner. Closed Mondays. Last fall they had a pop-up location in Henkel Hall and we enjoyed lunch with friends in the A/C. 
  • Joe's Place on the square in Fayatteville - we go here year-round when we're in New Ulm. 
  • Orsak's on the square in Fayatteville is also tasty home-cookin. Their burgers can't be beat and the grilled chicken sandwich is just delish.
  • Prost in Round Top - cute wine bar in a historical building. Wine + antiques + friends = win! 
  • Los Patrones in Round Top - their margaritas after a long day sure hit the spot!
  • Food Trucks - scattered throughout Warrenton, also delicious bites at The Compound and Arbors


It's tough to list every special event happening during the Show, so we'll hit the highlights for ya:

  • March 18/19 - Festival Hill Plant and Herb Sale - tons of native plants, perennials, herbs, 9-5 pm 
  • March 17 - April 2 - Live Music at Teague's Tavern - click here for the full list of performers
  • March 18 - Black Cat Choir at Celebrations Wine Bar in La Grange, 7 pm
  • March 25 - Asleep at the Wheel - La Grange (tickets required)
  • March 25 - Black Cat Choir - Stone Cellar, 7 pm. Click for their list of music throughout the show. 
  • March 25 - Abbi Walker at Teague's Tavern, 6-9 pm. 
  • March 26 - Church Service at Zapp Hall, 9 am
  • March 27/28/29/30/31 - Feasts in the Field at Rancho Pillow, tickets required. We want to go!
  • March 28 - State Fare Kitchen at The Compound - al fresco dining and cocktails, tickets here - see you there!
  • March 28 - Live Music at the Arbors, 7-10 pm
  • March 30 - Libby Koch at Royers Pie Haven, 2 - 4 pm
  • March 30 - Junk Gypsy's Prom at Zapp Hall, dark thirty
  • April 1 - Harbor Lights Choir at Zapp Hall, 12 pm

If you think we missed something big, leave us a comment below or send us an email so we can update our events listing! Also, see the RT Register's full list

photo via rancho pillow

photo via rancho pillow

Round Top Inn, photo via Marie Flanigan

Round Top Inn, photo via Marie Flanigan


You may have heard that Cathy's cabin in New Ulm is now for rent - during the Show and throughout the year! You can get all the details here. If you can book in advance, we absolutely love The Round Top Inn - our family stayed there during Cathy and Robbie's wedding weekend last December. We have always admired The Vintage Round Top  - if you can't stay at their property, you should at least follow them on instagram! Recently opened in Chappell Hill is Cottage Blue on Main, which is a mother-daughter collaboration, so of course we're fans already! 

Cathy's cabin, photo by Becki Griffin

Cathy's cabin, photo by Becki Griffin


We spend a lot of time in New Ulm and Fayetteville during the year, and Cathy says the square is a great spot during Antiques Week. She loves the quilt vendor! The Fayetteville square is just down the road from RT/Warrenton. Go check it out - several great dining options on the square (see above.) 


We are often asked how to get our Round Top purchases home - sometimes we pile on our friends' lap in order to make room for goodies in our car! Dealers will often mark things as sold and hold it for you until the next day or later that evening when you can come back to pick up. You can also schedule delivery through numerous freight or moving companies - our go-to is Jarol Garcia. Jarol can be reached at 832.798.9362. 


Courtney in an antique truck at Blue Hills

Courtney in an antique truck at Blue Hills

We hope you enjoy the Show and your time in the Roundtopolis!

Thanks for browsing our guide and sharing it with your friends! 

Much love, 

Cathy and the Renovate Team!

PS Remember to come say hi in Houston! Directions here. 

(all photos by courtney prochaska unless otherwise noted.)

Dining Room Reveal {Houston Project}

We've finally uploaded photos of this charming Spring Valley renovation and are so excited to share! A young family contacted us for design guidance as they completely renovated their one-story in the Memorial/Spring Branch area of Houston. They kept much of the original structure, but they completely renovated the kitchen, dining, and living areas, as well as added a spacious master retreat. Today, let's look at the dining room...

Dining Room

Above, you can see the tall ceilings, which instantly make the home feel updated and more spacious. Cathy helped the couple select a new dining room table because their old one was too small for the new space. They wanted comfortable chairs that their young family of four could use on a daily basis. We love that they selected different his-and-hers chairs for the end of the table, and the 6 dining chairs that have burlap on the back and darker upholstery on the seats and backs that won't show dirt. 

How 'Bout That Light Fixture!?

dining chand.JPG

This light fixture is one of our faves! We carry it in both the 6 bulb size (pictured) and 4 bulb size. Because it's popular, we don't always have it in stock, but can order it quickly. Contact us if you're in the Houston area - unfortunately we do not offer shipping on this fixture at this time. 713.291.1171

This round fixture over the long farmhouse style table is the perfect combination for this family's dining room. The dining room is the first thing you see when entering the home, and this really sets the tone for the rest of the home. 

Affordable Artwork

Cathy helped the couple select a large piece of art for this space - what do you think? We love the pop of color it adds - and we also love that it's a giclee, meaning not an original but higher quality than just a regular canvas print. Giclee's are very budget friendly! (Interested in design services? Click here for more info.) 

Do You Really Need a Rug? 

When our clients moved into their newly renovated home, we wanted to be aware of their budget as they purchased new furniture and accessories for their living and dining rooms. Because this family has two young boys, Cathy suggested they pass on an expensive area rug for their dining room. It's really not needed for the room to seem "finished." And for an added bonus, without a rug the area is easier to clean after family meals - no worries about spilled spaghetti staining the new rug (or a glass of wine!) 

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Thanks for following along with us! Be sure you sign up for our e-newsletter to stay updated about sales, new inventory, workshops, and more! 

Barrington Gifts - Our Favorite Purses and Totes!!


We started carrying Barrington Gifts after Cathy discovered their axis tote bag when she saw someone carrying one in the airport. She couldn't believe it was not real hide - up close, it's actually vinyl - even though it looks like axis hide from a distance. Lined with cotton, these bags are durable, fashionable, and reasonably priced - add a monogram for just $5! 

Order the Spring Collection!

You can call us and order your bag over the phone, and it should be arrive within a week (10 days at most!) Or come in a select your bag in person. We also have several styles in stock that are ready for immediate purchase - if you don't need personalization. Their stadium cross body bags are $85 and meet the new stadium standards - no giant clear bag needed for you!

Call us to order... 713.291.1171

barrington blue w mint.jpg

The best-selling St. Anne tote starts at $145 - with the monogram stripe, it's $165. Laptop case, $60. Accessory case, $42. Below, keyring wallet, $44. 

barrington key.jpg
barrington .jpg

The Belmont weekender bag is $225, with sturdy leather handles, luggage tag, and detachable shoulder strap. 

butterfly barrington.png
barrington pink 2.png
barrington blue pink.jpg
barrington hot pink.jpg

Sometimes the many options that Barrington offers can get a little crazy, so come in a look at our catalog - it makes ordering quick and easy. Or if you see something you like and want to personalize it for yourself, we can take your order over the phone, too! Spring is coming - is your bag ready? 

barrington turq.png
barrington pink.png

Concrete Counters {Project Inspiration}

Have y'all noticed concrete counters seem to be everywhere? When we expanded our storefront and renovated the space in 2015, we redid the mini-kitchen area. Cathy planned the bathroom and kitchen renovations with very little expense involved, but the space was dramatically improved.  Cathy was excited to install concrete counters for the first time and we've been so pleased with how it turned out. (Keep reading for sources)


The backsplash is from Thorntree Slate - contact Robert Ottmann and tell him we sent ya! (

The wooden ceiling was Cathy's idea to add depth and interest to the space - we used treated wood and our handy-man/do-it-all guy installed it at an angle. He's the same one who poured the concrete counter! We selected a stainless sink and faucet from Lowe's. We had a seamstress make the sink skirt using an inexpensive metallic fabric - hides ugly pipes and storage under the counters, but wasn't nearly as expensive as having cabinets built for the space. You could implement this same idea in your kitchen, bath, or laundry room.

Artwork pictured is all in-stock and available. The large metallic piece is by noted Houston artist Austin Allen James. The cow is a giclee and the dinnerware is also a giclee from Jackson, Mississippi.  


Inspiration via Domino 

We love Domino Mag and found some beautiful bathrooms using concrete counters on their blog - click the arrows to scroll through the photos below. 

Chalk Paint Project Ideas

Today we're talking all about chalk-based paint and looking at some incredible furniture before and after photos.

We are REALLY hoping to have a workshop or two at our studio in 2017, so be sure to sign up for our e-newsletter if you do not already receive our monthly emails. 

This is an old, antique dresser that Cathy turned in to a sink vanity at her previous home in Memorial. Brigitte, our paint guru, used several layers of chalk paint and waxed it to finish. Even though we don't have a before, the piece was totally transformed, and given new life - from distressed old dresser to beautiful double sink vanity - just using paint! 

master bath.jpeg

Before and After

Though we have tons of experience with chalkpainting furniture, in our own homes and for clients, we are not very good at taking before and after photos. Resolution for 2017! In the meantime, however, we headed over to Pinterest for some inspiration. 

Hutch Before and After

This project came from Lolly Jane - love the new pale blue/gray dresser and how it turned out. Wow! 

Paint It Red!

dresser 2.jpg

Above, a pine chest of drawers is completely changed with red paint and new, funky hardware. See more at Saw Nail and Paint. 

Plain to Pink and Pretty

dresser before.jpg
dresser after.jpg

Just LOVE this! Is it really the same piece of furniture? The pale pink is so lovely and feminine. This chest of drawers is something you could find at a resale shop or on Craigslist - we're big fans of saving quality wooden furniture that is built to last, versus buying something made with particle board that won't be around in a few years. These before and afters are great examples of the power of paint - and DIY! 

We Carry Maison Blanche Paint!

We've used our fair share of chalk-based paint, and Maison Blanche is one of our tip-top favorite lines! It's also made in Fort Worth, and we love supporting Texas businesses. We have many of their best-selling colors in stock, and we're able to order any color you want (2 can minimum for special orders - call us with questions!) 713.291.1171. If you've never shopped with us before, click here for address & directions. 

Here's a Great How-To

Here's an excellent "how-to" from Cherished Bliss - step by step tips using Maison Blanche paint. 

Craigslist Makeover! 

Wow, we found this project on Pinterest - they did a fabulous job! Click over to tidbits and twine to see how they redid a piece they got off Craigslist. They used Maison Blanche paint! 

Love these thrift store chairs - can you believe the difference?! See more at HomeStories

chairs after.jpg

Thanks for reading! 

We'd love to hear from you if you take on a paint project of your own! And be sure to call us if you have questions about Maison Blanche paint or just come on in and grab some! 713.291.1171

New Year, New Collections!

The deliveries keep on coming! We've got new items rolling out all the time. Here's a look at what's coming in soon - check our instagram @renovatehouston or call us for specifics. 713.291.1171 Also sign up for our emails - we keep em short and sweet and full of good info! 

Fresh Tunics

These tunics are hand-embroidered by Indian artisans and are 100% cotton. Arriving in additional colors like white with navy, white with burnt orange, and a few styles that are dress length. 


New Dash & Albert Styles

Our best-selling indoor/outdoor rugs are arriving this week in fresh colors and styles! Love this bright green to go with the Pantone color of the year, greenery!


Bright Lights!

CQ7067-hr (1).jpg

One of several new light fixtures coming soon! 

Barrington Bags

barrington crossbody.png

New spring styles of the super-popular Barrington Gifts collection should arrive any day! We love these vinyl totes and purses - they don't look like they're vinyl, and they're practical, versatile, and stylish. And you can monogram them for just an additional $5! What Southern girl doesn't love a good monogram?! These make great gifts. 

Keep It Fun!

We can't wait for these fun, whimsical dog prints to arrive! 


We love supporting local artists and small or family-owned businesses that make their products in America. We're able to support nearly 50 small businesses or local vendors thanks to your support. 

We love that you love to shop small, y'all! 


Mint and Maple Workshops - Join Us!

Natalie Coulter of Mint and Maple is coming to town! Woohoo! Natalie has been teaching workshops with us since 2015 and she is usually a sell-out!

photo by Haley Ottmann Photography

photo by Haley Ottmann Photography

Come get creative and learn brush-lettering, water-coloring, or calligraphy!

It's especially fun if you grab a friend, or your mom, and make it a girls' night! Natalie provides refreshments, wine, and you'll leave with a new set of tools, too! 

Mint Maple Brush Lettering 101-Workshop Photos-0015.jpg

Learn more at Mint and Maple's website, where you can sign up directly for the class of your choice. 

Workshop dates: 

Wed. Jan 18, Thurs. Jan 19, Wed. March 1, Thurs. March 2, Wed. April 19 

all classes are 5:30 - 7:30. 

Natalie is based in Austin and we are SO GLAD she comes to Renovate often to teach us. Tell your friends - she also has spring classes in San Antonio, Dallas, and College Station! 

Thanks to Haley Ottmann Photography for the wonderful photos! She's a Houston girl - check her out for your family portraits - newborn or engagement, too! 

Mint Maple Brush Lettering 101-Workshop Photos-0011.jpg

Happy New Year! {exciting new inventory}

Happy 2017 to all of you! We love the beginning of January - always feels like a chance to make a fresh start, to set new goals, to focus on things that have been overlooked in the past - professionally and personally. 

At Renovate, our fresh start means we've packed up the Christmas inventory and we're unloading lots of new items! Part of what we enjoy most about having a brick-and-mortar storefront is that we're able to highlight products and companies we love - and share them with you! 

Today, we'd love to show you several new items that are on their way or just arrived - we're getting deliveries all the time, so come and see us! Call us with any questions of course - 713.291.1171. And if you've never been in before - click here for a map to help you find us, just outside the loop in the Memorial area north of I-10. 

bens garden.png
helen keller.jpg

Fresh trays from Ben's Garden - made in New York City, these glass decoupaged trays make wonderful gifts. We've got a variety of fresh styles arriving soon - starting at $48. 

Magnolia Wreaths

These faux magnolia wreaths are so popular, they've been backordered for a while. Our latest order was unfortunately delayed and won't be here until sometime in February.  It's perfect for your front or back door, inside or outside - we love these! (Also a favorite of Joanna Gaines, just sayin. We love her style.) 

Baby Love

Our corner of the studio that has baby and kiddo items is a great spot to grab a unique, thoughtful gift for new moms, grandmothers, baby showers, etc... and with 2 grandbabies due in 2017, I (Cathy) obviously have baby on the brain! New styles of swaddles and burp cloths, designed by a former NICU nurse and made in Seattle, arrive later this month. They're practical but fun and beautiful for families to receive! 

bison swaddle.jpg

Fresh Local Artwork - Austin Allen James

We've carried Austin James' artwork since the day we opened our doors in 2014, and we just got a fresh delivery of his landscape boxes. We also have his furniture line - one of a kind incredible artwork made into sturdy furniture like side tables, consoles, and coffee tables. Come in and see for yourself - designed and made in Houston, woo! 


Ooo La La Orchids!


Okay, these aren't a new item - but they're a client fave and they're just so fresh and clean, perfect for January, we think! Tons of orchids arriving this month - new containers, too! Does this two-stem orchid look real? It's actually faux. No TLC needed and the blooms will never fall off. We love fresh florals but sometimes a little faux is good, too. 

We Are Thankful For You!

Heads up- we are closed this week for Thanksgiving so that our team can enjoy time with family and friends. We'll reopen Tuesday, November 29. Our hours are Tues-Sat, 10 am to 4 pm, and we're open late til 7 pm on Thursdays until January. 

We are grateful for so much! 

Thanks to our clients, we are able to support more than 42 small businesses and local artists.

Wow! We had not stopped to count in many months, and we are so proud of to financially support over 42 family operated businesses or small shops! Many of which are run by women. Hooray! Thank you for your continued support and shopping at Renovate! 

We are thankful for our team! 

Since this time last year, our team has grown from three members to seven.

thanks 3.jpg


Brigitte Howell, Kristin Tauber, Kendall Friday, Amber Guenther, Suzi Grant - y'all are dynamite!

Seriously. We are thankful for what each of you bring to Team Renovate! love, Cathy & Courtney

We're also thankful for our families, our health, our freedoms, and our abundant blessings.

Wishing you an enjoyable Thanksgiving week with your loved ones.  

Barrington Bags {Our New Favorite Thing!}

One of Our Favorite Things

barrington axis.jpg

When Cathy was in the airport a few months back, she saw a woman carrying the cutest axis bag ever. She chased her down and said "I just have to know where you found this purse!" Turns out, Barrington Gifts was the answer... and now, we're one of just two Houston retailers that carry Barrington! 

The Axis Tote

Cathy carried her axis tote all around Round Top this year, and was stopped countless times with women wanting to know - where did you find your bag!?

One thing we love is that the Barrington collection is vinyl - meaning, incredibly durable - but people are always shocked to find it's not a real "fur" or "hide" bag. It looks so real! But we love that you can take wipe it off with a damp cloth and keep on going. 

photo lonestar southern

photo lonestar southern

Because it's vinyl (lined with soft cotton) we love that you can take wipe off your bag with a damp cloth or antibacterial wipe and keep on going!

Monogram Stripe

photo: summer wind

photo: summer wind

photo: do say give

photo: do say give

The monogram stripe collection is super versatile and our new favorite gift item. There are several monogram styles to choose from and we love that the bags can have a bright accent if you want or you can choose more neutral. The bags are lined with several pockets inside that make it easy to organize your items. 

photo: do say give

photo: do say give

chronicles of frivolity

chronicles of frivolity

Houston, we're happy to help you place an order in store, or call us if you know exactly what you'd like to order.

Don't forget we're open until 7 pm on Thursdays until January! 

chronicles of frivolity

chronicles of frivolity

Weekender and Cross-body

We also love the weekender duffel bag and the cross body bags! The cross body meets regulation rules for stadiums that don't allow purses. It's small enough to meet their standards, woo! 

TaskRabbit, We Love You!

(this is not a sponsored post.) 

Hiring Someone to Help Get the Job Done

We hired Task Rabbit this week to hang artwork at Cathy's house and mount a flat screen TV. Juan has been so fantastic that we've had him come back several days in a row! He's installing curtain rods, hanging drapery panels and roman shades, antique plates, you name it! 

Here is Juan's direct contact info: if you're in the Houston area we cannot recommend him highly enough. He brought his own ladder, tools, level, tape measure, etc. and got right to work. 

Sign Up For Task Rabbit and Get $20 off

If you use this link, you'll get a $20 credit when you book your first task. How does Task Rabbit work? So. Simple. You sign in, type a few words about what you're looking for "move furniture" or "clean my house" or "assemble my IKEA purchase" - ha, we love that one! Then, you give them your zip code and the website gives you a list of folks in your area who can complete the job. You can read their profiles and reviews and choose who to hire from there. You're not charged until the task is completed. 

Courtney used TaskRabbit to help with check-in at an event she chaired, and it was a huge help - and so easy. The options really are limitless - you have a task you need accomplished, they likely have someone willing to do it! It also comes with insurance for every task. 

We've been really pleased with our experience and just wanted to share this great resource with you, our friends and readers. Happy tasking!